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Makafui’s Hydration
and Wellness Spa

Houston’s hidden gem for personalized wellness awaits! Makafui’s Hydration and Wellness Spa pampers with tailored IV drips & shots, leaving you invigorated and ready to shine. Embrace nature’s best – one rejuvenating drip at a time.

Services We Provide

Iv Hydration

IV Hydration

Replenish, unwind, revive. In the blink of an eye (well, under an hour!), our hydration sessions whisk you away to a sanctuary of serenity, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Vitamin Drip


Forget synthetic fillers and harsh chemicals. Vitamin shots are packed with the good stuff – natural vitamins and minerals straight from the earth, delivered conveniently and effectively.

Service Packages


IV Drip Packages for Every Need B12, Supplements, & Shared Options ✨ Boost Health & Energy



Our program stokes your metabolic fire, revving up your fat-burning engine for faster calorie-torching. Imagine shedding pounds like shedding layers on a warm day!

Services will be provided only after complete assessments are done. Actual services may take up to 48 hours for first-time clients.

What is Intravenous hydration therapy?

Intravenous hydration and vitamin therapy is a means to absorb needed compounds at the cellular level. With 100% absorption rate, the individual benefits from vitamins, minerals, and a hydration spree much quicker than other means of administration. These therapies enhance the immune system, improve symptoms, hydrate, and revive the body.

Iv Drip Vitamin Infusion Therapy

IV Hydration Services


Basic Hydration Drip

Price: $100

This iv infusion is a 500ML of normal saline without any added minerals or vitamins. Are you feeling dehydrated? This infusion provides the hydration needed by the body to function appropriately, it’s also useful when one is experiencing increased thirst, dry mouth/dry skin or feeling fatigue.

Immunity Drip

Immunity Drip

Price: $155

This IV infusion drip consists of vitamins and mineral blends that boost the immune system. The vitamins and minerals are added to a 500ML of normal saline bag to boost your immunity. Are you planning a trip? This booster may be administered before and after travel, it helps to relieve allergens and other flu like symptoms.  If you are feeling under the weather, this immunity booster will alleviate your symptoms as well.

Athletic Drip

Energy Drip (Athletic Drip)

Price: $135

Our energetic drip is formulated with essential vitamins and amino acids that boost the body’s metabolism.  It is the preferred IV drip for individuals who work out, those who need a boost of energy and anyone needing to tackle a busy schedule ahead.

Viatamin C Drip

Vitamin C Drip

Price: $115

This drip consists of only vitamin C infused in 500ML of normal saline. This solution is a great antioxidant for fighting free radicals, boosting immunity, giving you overall cellular health, skin brightening and improving skin elasticity.

Beauty Drip

Inner Beauty Drip

Price: $145

This unique solution consists of vitamin B complex, biotin and vitamin C which enhances an inner glow. This combination boosts collagen, prevents aging skin, fights breakouts, and provides a glow from within.


Intravenous Add-Ons

You can choose extra add-ons to all your IV infusion drips.

  • B12- $15
  • B complex- $15
  • Glutathione- $50
  • Vitamin C – $15
  • Immunity boost-$50

Vitamin Shots

Intramuscular shots may be given in between IV sessions and for those needing quicker boosts.

Vaccine Vial Bottle

B12 Shot

Price: $40

Boost your immune system, metabolism, focus and energy. 

Vaccine Vial Bottle

Vitamin D SHot

Price: $40

Prevent brutal weak bones and helps the body absorb bone building calcium.

Vaccine Vial Bottle

Tri-Immunity Shot

Price: $45

This shot contains antioxidants perfect for immunity boost, useful during cold or flu season, before and after travel. 


Duo Drip


Bring a loved one or a friend with you and choose from our iv drip menu.



1 IV Treatment + 1 complimentary B12 Injection and 30 days supply of Dietary Supplements.



2 IV Treatments + 1 complimentary B12 Injection and 30 days supply of Dietary Supplement.



4 IV Treatments + 1 Complementary B12 Injection and 30 days supply of Dietary supplements.

About the owner

Genevieve Makafui Anthonio

Ms. Genevieve Makafui Anthonio is a visionary entrepreneur and wellness advocate who founded Makafui’s Hydration and Wellness Spa. This spa is a holistic and individualized IV hydration and wellness center dedicated to redefining health and vitality. Makafui’s passion for holistic wellness has driven her to create an environment where people can experience the transformative power of intravenous hydration in a luxurious and rejuvenating setting. With her background in Nursing, Makafui has seamlessly blended her expertise with a commitment to innovation. This has positioned Makafui’s Hydration and Wellness Spa at the forefront of the wellness industry. Her hobbies include cleaning, decorating, reading law fiction books and listening to music.

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Concierge Services

Services are available with terms and conditions. Speak to a health professional to schedule your concierge services.

Contact Us

4665 Southwest Freeway
Suite 202
Houston 77027
Email: info@makafuishydration.com | Phone: 832.370.1700

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Hours Of Operation

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